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AVRO membership levels are determined by the standard to which a member is accredited to, with AVRO membership standards and or PAS 43.


Is a member who meets AVRO membership standards but is not accredited with PAS 43. The member will have accented from Bronze Accreditation following a successful AVRO Membership Inspection and will continue to undergo such inspection on an bi-annual basis. If the member were to become accredited with PAS 43 their membership level would increase to Gold Accreditation.


Is a member who meets AVRO membership standards and is accredited with PAS 43.

As Gold Accredited members are required to be accredited with PAS 43 they are not subject to an AVRO Membership Inspection

AVRO Ltd, Association of Vehicle Recovery Operators cannot be held responsible for any Member, Associate Member or advertiser or supplier details which have been submitted to this website and shown in good faith.

  • Car recovery
  • Car roadside assistance
  • Car workshop
  • Commercial recovery
  • Commercial transportation
  • Commercial roadside assistance
  • Commercial workshop
  • Suggested trading rates accepted
  • Coach recovery
  • Car transportation
  • Mobile crane
  • Air cushion recovery
  • Hazardous
  • 24 Hour
  • Lorry loader crane
  • Certification
  • Credit/debit cards accepted
  • Operator licence
  • Highways Agency Sector Scheme 17 compliant
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